Baby Thor

Baby Thor

Training Thor

In January 2010, Thor, a 5-month-old weimaraner, came crashing into my life.

Here, I will outline the steps taken to train him to be a well-mannered dog,

to do agility, and to perform some service dog tasks.

At five months, he is pretty wild.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Home?

I have been feeling pressured by my mom and sisters to re-home Thor.  It is certainly hard to have people/helpers come into the house while he is here.  I crate him, but he is restless and noisy.  I have not had enough visitors to help me work on calm behavior.  Now that I cannot drive, I cannot go anywhere to continue the work we had started in the fall.  Thorry's behavior around new people was much better at the park, and it was my hope to continue training where there is always someone new.

In an attempt to be helpful, Thorry's vet's partner started spreading the word that I needed to find a new home for him.  In a lot of ways, it makes sense.  And a couple of good possibilities for a new home have arisen.  But when I think of losing him, I start to cry.  He and I have grown very attached.  In addition, giving up Thor would mean giving up agility.  Glitter is about to turn ten.  And she has never liked competing.  Thor was my hope for the future.  Today, I am feeling very sorry for myself.  And selfish about wanting to keep Thor. 

It's a beautiful day outside.  The first nice day of spring.  I sat outside while Thorry and Glitter played in the yard.  The sun felt good on my feet.  But as I sat there, my feet grew more discolored.  Blame the sun.  Heat is well-known to increase MS symptoms. 

Came back inside to find an email from my mother.  She had been here two days ago to drive me to North Adams for an MRI.  While she was here, I asked her to start my car and let it run for a few minutes.  Turns out, in her email she tells me, the car wouldn't start!  Damn!!!  I still have my son's car that was abandoned here over a year ago.  And now my car won't start.  May just be a dead battery, but there is no way to get another car in to attempt a jump start.  So now I have two junk cars sitting in my front yard.  Feels like my whole life has turned to trash.

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