Baby Thor

Baby Thor

Training Thor

In January 2010, Thor, a 5-month-old weimaraner, came crashing into my life.

Here, I will outline the steps taken to train him to be a well-mannered dog,

to do agility, and to perform some service dog tasks.

At five months, he is pretty wild.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Poop Poop Poop

Three days ago, Thor pooped in his crate.  Two days ago, Thor pooped in his crate.  Loose goopy poops.  I can't remember the last time he peed in his crate.  While I was bleaching his crate two days ago, I thought, "I wish he stop this and go back to peeing in the crate.  That was so much easier."  Finished cleaning up, put Thor in his crate, within ten minutes he peed in his crate.  A mind reader, he.  Just trying to please.

Yesterday, I skipped breakfast for Thor.  Skipping an occassional meal can be good for dogs.  All animals who hunt survive with a large meal followed by perhaps days of no meals or much smaller meals.  An elk followed by days of rodents.  It's not bad for humans to sometimes miss a meal either.  My dogs and I miss about one meal a week by plan.  Today, Thor's poops are looking much more "normal," formed and hard, the way they should.  He is fully back on Artemis with yogurt added.  He gets cottage cheese in his kong. 

On Saturday (two days ago), I had a conversation with my friend, Barb, who feeds raw.  She doesn't feed a pre-mixed raw.  She feeds bones.  And raw mea--protein and organ meats.  And cottage cheese.  And she bleaches her dogs crates after every meal.  No way could I do that. 

Today, I went for a walk.  Ten minutes out, with my camera, on the floodplain behind my house to take pictures.  I was using two forearm crutches.  Going out was not bad, could have gone halfway without the aids.  Found something to shoot.  Sat down to rest and to steady the camera for shooting.  Damn!  No memory card.  I had forgotten to check before leaving the house.  Walking back took almost three times as long.  Left leg dragging, balance off, almost fell several times.  Home again, I took Thor and Glitter into the backyard.  Thor had never seen my crutches before.  He sniffed and tasted one before accepting it. 

Also today, Thor traded his ball for a pen.  Rewarded by getting the ball back.

Monday, April 5 6PM

After a half hour outside with few distractions (other dogs inside), Thor came in and promptly pooped in his crate.  I'm beginning to fear that it's a habit, that he's more comfortable pooping there than anywhere else.  And he doesn't care about getting dirty.  Even outside, he is not at all bothered by stepping in poop.  I am at my wits end.  Anyone want a young weimaraner? 

I have researched food allergies, food intolerances, and more online and gotten zero insights.

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