Baby Thor

Baby Thor

Training Thor

In January 2010, Thor, a 5-month-old weimaraner, came crashing into my life.

Here, I will outline the steps taken to train him to be a well-mannered dog,

to do agility, and to perform some service dog tasks.

At five months, he is pretty wild.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thor Meets Glitter

Yesterday I took Glitterbug to meet Thor. Glitter is my 8-year-old Beagle-Sheltie mix, a spayed female. I waited in the backyard with Glitter on lead; Thor came out, also on lead, with his owner. Both dogs got very excited at the sight of one another, straining at their leads. Both looked happy despite their energy/excitement so I said we should take of the leads. The two dogs ran to each other and sniffed muzzles. Thor's tail was tucked which I saw as a good thing. He did not try to jump on Glitter or overwhelm her as I thought he might. After their brief sniff, both dogs ran around the yard for a few seconds, then ignored each other. Glitter went sniffing to explore the yard (where she had never been); Thor was more interested in interacting with the people than another dog. Another good sign!

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